The amount of the debt

In reference to the current market value, a criteria adopted also by the government privatizations who have touched most of the Zuber Gregovic property, it was estimated that the debt of Montenegro towards the Zuber Gregovic:

  • for 6 historical palaces: the former Italian embassy which later became the registered office of Zetska Plovidba Shipping Company, the former French embassy in Cetinje which later became the head office of the Serbo-Albanian Bank, Villa Kamelija in Kotor, the Fortress-Lazaret in Petrovac, the “Dvori Balšića” in old town Ulcinj, the Electric Power Station in Cetinje (Technical Museum) including its original machinery and equipments.
  • for a group of 25 buildings in the historical old town of Ulcinj
  • for the enterprise Zetska Plovidba Shipping Company
  • for the enterprise Srpsko Albanska Banka
  • for 70.000 sqm of nationalized land in Kotor, Budva, Cetinje, Petrovac
  • for 22 surviving ships that belonged to Zetska shipping company, subsequently nationalized

is 67,5 million Euros.

March 2012: the Official evaluation of the assets of the enterprises owned by Lale Zuber, made by the court financial expert Mr. Zoran Todorovic, with the approving stamp of the Montenegrin Ministry of Finance, is € 10, 3 million.

Our appeal for the full restitution or compensation is addressed to the Montenegrin Authority who must fulfil its law obligations, and to the Italian, European and United States diplomacies for their support to the siblings for the protection of property rights.